By this time of year, we are already climbing the walls with cabin fever from the New England winter and sheltering at home. Dreaming of green space all around will make the home become the center of everything. It is time to create an outdoor space where we can safely socialize again.

Home has become a living sanctuary for families and couples and for everyday living. Imagine bringing your indoor furniture outdoors to create that sanctuary to be able to continue to socialize. It is not only the inside that makes a house a home, it is being creative with every inch of space you have and thinking outside the box of its intended purpose.

Spring is here and the time when we all long for change, for the new, for rejuvenation and waiting to relax and entertain in warmer weather outside of our home. If thinking that socializing at home has become a thing of the past, think again. Entertaining outdoors is even more exciting when you can create an extended living space with the inside of your home that spills out onto the patio or deck area, an extension of you and extension of your home.


Socializing with my family last weekend gave me a new appreciation for the outdoors. Having the kitchen open out onto the deck made it easy to entertain. Although our summer furniture isn’t outside yet, I made sure we all had a comfortable place to sit with plenty of room to spread out, a special space.

These special places are gathering places for family and friends. Places where cherished memories are made. A place where there are no work distractions or stresses of the world. Comfortable furniture to relax and view the beauty of your surroundings, listening to the birds sing, and take in the beauty surrounding your home.

Outdoor furniture today is resilient, weather-resistant, and modeled after furniture inside of the home. Even outdoor area rugs are made to look like they belong inside a room design and they can be used there as well.  Being able to creatively implement a way to be able to socialize with family and friends outdoors is important. This is when our outdoor green space becomes essential to our way of life. The vision of wooded walking paths within our own grounds and landscape is an ever-growing need. A place to walk the dog uninterrupted in a peaceful but social way. What better way to enjoy an Alfresco dining experience right outside your own home.



The alfresco dining experience and social gatherings can still be achieved even in a private shared community.  Imagine relaxing while listening to the trees sway in the soft breeze of your outdoor living space. Now is the time to take the steps to plan to live in a world where safe social gathering can be done at home, as the home is the center of everything.


Here are just a few ways to create and enhance an extending living space outdoors.

  • Lattice panels attached to the side of your patio walls, creating creeping rose gardens to beautify your space. (com)
  • Having your own herb garden with fresh rosemary snips set in tiny glass holders or jars at each place setting makes for a very fragrant dining experience
  • Cobblestone patio for that earthy ground underfoot (
  • Add an indoor-outdoor rug for color and charm and to ground your conversation areas
  • Add colorful throw pillows to the patio furniture seating

Isn’t it time to create your best outdoor living space!

Debbe Daley
Debbe Daley, an award-winning interior designer with more than 30 years’ experience, is known for the extraordinary service she provides prominent homeowners in New England and around the country. She supplies a complete range of design services for new and existing homes nationwide, but she focuses on working with clients in the Boston Back Bay, the North Shore of Massachusetts, Cape Cod, coastal Maine and the New Hampshire seacoast as well as the Merrimack Valley. In addition, she is a gifted professional speaker who delivers programs to both interior design and general audiences nationwide. She presents keynotes, seminars and workshops on topics ranging from design business success practices to the Power of Positive Energy.