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Toby Israel Ph.D.
Although moored in Princeton,  New Jersey now, I keep drifting towards coastlines. I call them 'capers'–my jaunts by ferry, car, train, and foot to other states and countries where the sea settles me or big, new-found lakes have circumferences I can’t see when swimming. “Just
There’s nothing worse than when you walk into your house and think “Oh no! What’s that smell?” Now imagine if it is the house you are looking to buy. Offensive scents and smells are surefire ways to turn off a potential homebuyer. And often we are oblivious to the smells of the most beloved
Jody Kablack Moving Consultant/Organizer
The thought of moving into a new home can trigger many emotions. At first the excitement of a new home, the many ideas for decorating, new neighbors to get to know, wonderful new areas to explore and all the fun things about the move make this a very exciting time. Once the contracts are signed and
Toby Israel is an environmental psychologist who studies design psychology. She has served as an environmental consultant to design firms, the visual arts coordinator for the New Jersey State Council on the Arts, and as a professor at the University of Lincoln School of Architecture in the UK.
Jenny Colella is the founder of Impressions Home Interiors. I am a lover of all things interior design, shoe enthusiast and passionate hockey fan. This blog was created to show what I know, share what I love and inspire you to design your own happy home!
Jody Kablack is a moving consultant/organizer living in Central Massachusetts. She spent over 25 years as a land use planner, helping municipalities and residents navigate complex regulatory issues around development and construction. Her organizational and problem solving skills combine to make her a natural in moving or re-organizing anyone’s home.